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Ash: The Ninth Portal Book 1



In the twenty-sixth century on Real Earth every human brain is implanted with a chip. Everyone receives subliminal messages directly into their brain.

Everyone hears voices in their head.

The refuser rebellion is on the rise.

Ash, an anthropologist haunted by his time as a government assassin, has never got over the death of his wife, Brook.

They said Brook died of plague. They were lying.

And now, when the murderous truth comes out, Ash has to stop pretending. He needs to break cover and find the identity of Brook’s killer in a parallel world. And when he does, he risks losing everything – his lover, his child and the medical facility for rejects he started from nothing.

But someone follows him to the parallel world of Bad earth. Someone trained to kill on demand.

This is the story of ASH.

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Ash wasn’t the kind of person who fell through a portal to another world by accident. He was a genetically engineered parallel world traveler.

The path wound towards the entrance, and he thought about what might happen when he stepped through the portal. There were plenty of possibilities, but two of them were uppermost in his mind. Raising the dead. Or a visit to Hell Earth.

This gave him a better chance of escaping from a place he didn’t want to be. On top of that, he had extensive experience with hallucileaf explorations to other dimensions and frankly, he was past caring where he ended up.

Whichever way he looked at it, one thing was for sure. He had to try and find out who killed his wife.

He reached the entrance to the mound, a yawning black hole surrounded by tall blocks of stone hewn by the ancestors and set down as guardians to the Otherworld.

The air coming out of the mound tasted sour as death.

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