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This book is much more than just a romance.


England 1654

In a time when the fear of witches unravels the hearts and minds of a community, the spark of true love flickers in the darkness.

Grace Hardy knows a thing or two about what the fear of witchcraft can do. It can tear your loved ones from you. It can destroy families. She has known this all her life and more than that, she must hide her true self or face certain death.

In the shadow of her dark past, Grace knows that nothing good can ever come from letting others in, and she resigns herself to her work in her aunt and uncle’s apothecary shop.

In the same quiet English town, Richard Blake tends to his craft and his love of books. Restless but unwilling to settle for the simple village girls, Richard loses hope until a fateful glimpse of a strange and beautiful woman changes his life forever.

Now Grace finds herself burdened by her feelings for Richard and the terrible, dark truth that will put them in danger. At the bottom of the sea, a powerful force awakens in the darkness, and will test the power of love against the fate of a demonic force.

Can Grace protect those whom she loves?

Or will the song of the siren lure them to their doom?

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Buy It Now + Enjoy!