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A fast and easy read while being thought provoking. Looking forward to the next book.

E Lonsdale

In the year 2525 the earth is a toxic graveyard.

The wealthy are having a party.

The rest are rejects.

A sadistic cult leader is searching for the legendary pure earth, a parallel world where evolution never happened.

What if you were the only one who could show him the way?

What if he threatened to destroy your mind if you didn’t?

This is the story of Ishi.

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In one version of earth the technology is far advanced. But the environment is contaminated. The last plague and the final wars of religion have left the population of the entire globe at less than a billion.

Humanity is distracted by parties, glitz and glittering prizes. And the only way to success is to climb the pyramid hierarchy of the Symposium, a world government of intellectuals and scientists.

Everyone is controlled by neural implants embedded in their frontal lobes. These are monitored by a secret society within the Symposium, known as The Pilgrims and The Journeywomen.

And the leader of The Pilgrims, Professor Lukas, is obsessed with finding a new world to rule over. His insatiable greed for power means he will stop at nothing.

After the failure of space travel, he sets his sights on the unspoiled planet of Jorna, a parallel world connected to earth.

Only one woman could make that happen.  But she has failed.

Ishi McDonald, 26, is the most gifted theoretical physicist of her generation, genetically engineered to navigate to parallel worlds. But the trauma of her past has left her a withdrawn underachiever, living on the fringes of the ruling elite. She is only one step away from becoming one of the despised rejects, living in misery among the toxic, crumbling ruins of ancient suburbs.

Until the day she meets Hermes, a man who offers her one last chance to succeed, one last chance to prove she is worthy of acceptance.  And her first chance at love.

But when she creates an archway to a parallel world and steps through, someone blocks her return to earth, leaving her to survive in a primal world.  A world where human evolution never happened.  A world full of shadows and powerful energies.

Lost, betrayed and alone, Ishi commits a terrible crime. Reanimation is outlawed by the Symposium, but breaking the law doesn’t seem to matter so far away from home.  Her dream of creating a new life form, the perfect human being –  is shattered.

And when a message comes through from earth, she discovers the father who left when she was young, is still alive. But even if she finds him, she fears she has become someone he will despise.  How can she ever put right the terrible wrong she has done?

Will Ishi ever find the sanctuary she craves?

More than that, how will she defend Jorna against the destructive ambitions of the Pilgrims?

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