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The Story is the Journey…

As soon as you begin to write, something happens.

Well, two things actually. You create something in the world. And you recreate something in your own psyche.

This is why storytelling as an art form is such a deep process.  As all art should be.

The writer is changed by the tales she tells.


I have read a lot of outlining- book books, and something about this one really resonated with me, my current story, my mind. I'm sitting down with my current project and doing a new outline based on the techniques discussed in this book. [Novel Writing Blueprint]


Your characters are on the road to a new realisation. They might find love, death, friendship, a new way of looking at life. You, the writer, want to write a story that works. You need to know about plot, character development, structure, dialogue, thematic layering, twist endings, etc. That’s the external goal of the writer.

There’s an internal goal too, whether you focus on it or not.

Every story is an inner journey for you – the writer. We are changed by the stories we tell. That’s just how it is.

I love helping other writers achieve their goals.

Every author needs a shelf or two of brilliant reference books about the art and craft of novel writing. I’ve been collecting mine for almost twenty years!

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Because the story is the journey!