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After death a second chance. But can she love him again?

Amidst the charm and glamour of the 1930’s, Elizabeth and Russell cross paths aboard the Matiana steamship and discover a connection that runs much deeper than they realize.

Elizabeth, a wealthy socialite with a profound need for more has a desire to embrace life with a fullness she’s yet to find. Traveling through life with a fear of dying alone and unloved, she meets Russell, a handsome, brooding airman who magnetically draws her in. Haunted by dreams of a past life, however, Elizabeth isn’t interested in making the same mistakes. She wants this to work more than anything and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to give this relationship a chance.

But Russell comes with a traumatic past of his own. Over the years he’s built a wall around himself that no woman has ever been able to penetrate. No woman until Elizabeth. When he finds himself falling deeper and deeper in love with her he also unearths unnerving demons from his past. As conflicts continue to arise between them, their love is tested not only through the trials of a deadly world war, but a tumultuous internal war that pushes limits and challenges longstanding ideals. Ultimately they are faced with the question … is true love more powerful than death?